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Let's Do More Together

We can do more together when we keep working together regardless of our differences.

Because here’s the thing. Satan knows that we can do more together. He knows that when we are united in vision and purpose, and we step out onto the battlefield of Lloydminster as a unit—as a committed team that loves each other and the world around us—that we are going to take some ground for the Kingdom of God. And that freaks him out!

He would much rather us be ARGUING together than WORSHIPING together, or SERVING together, or LEADING together, or REACHING this community together. Because the potential of what can happen collectively is powerful, and he knows it. So the hurdles that we will face as a church family will be difficult. There is a real enemy out there who is trying to trip us up and drive a wedge into our community. He wants to convince us that we don’t have time to serve, that we shouldn’t support leadership, and that we’re somehow better than the person sitting a few rows down from us in church on Sunday morning. He will do anything he can to create conflict, hinder our ministry, and tarnish our reputation in the community.

So church family… let’s show him what we’ve got. Let’s stand in unity and declare that "we can do more together". Because WE are the church and God has called us to be one—to keep working together, regardless.

How are you being the church? We all have something to offer. Partner with us. Let’s do more together.


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