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FBC Kids is a Sunday morning environment for elementary aged children (Kindergarten - Grade 6).  During our 9:20 a.m. or 11:00 a.m. service, children have an opportunity to meet with a consistent small group (Kindergarten – Grade 1, Grade 2-3, and Grade 4-6), to learn about God and to grow in their understanding of what it means to have a relationship with Jesus!

In our weekly teaching and activities, we follow the Holy Bible - Genesis through Revelations.  We utilize some great interactive resources like Betty Lukens Bible Felt Stories (flannelgraph), object lessons, science experiments, games, and crafts.  This is a customized Jesus experience with a goal of leading our FBC Kids into a personal, life-long relationship with their Saviour, Jesus Christ.

treasure chest

At FBC Kids, each child works collecting points to earn a prize from our Treasure Chest. Kids can earn their 9 points required to visit the Treasure Chest by:

  • Attending FBC Kids
  • Bringing their Bible
  • Memorizing the previous weeks Bible verse.


Out of respect for other families, please do not send sick children to FBC Kids.

registration & CHECK-IN

To ensure the safety of every child, we ask parents to accompany their child to the appropriate FBC Kids room to check them in at the beginning of the program each week.  Pre check-in starts 20 minutes prior to the start of each service in the foyer.  Doors open 10 minutes prior to the start of each service to drop off your kids in their classrooms.  Upon check-in, each child will receive a check-in sticker, which they must wear on their person throughout the duration of the program.  The parent will be given an accompanying sticker to keep with them and return after the service in order to check their child out of the program.

To save you time on Sunday morning you can pre-register your children by clicking the button below which will save you time when you arrive for FBC Kids.  This button will also allow you to update your family or children's information.  Once you have registered for our program through our Planning Center system you do not need to re-register each year – kids are simply carried forward until they graduate to FBC Youth!

Buttons FBC KIDS

 If your child has severe medical needs please also complete the Emergency Medications Request and Release Form as well.