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Larry Baynton Memorial Scholarship

The Memorial Scholarship was established shortly after the death of Larry Baynton to encourage meritorious Christian students and adults to pursue Bible School, Bible College or other full time Christian education or Christian leadership training in order to attain a closer and more meaningful personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

 A deeper personal relationship and commitment to Jesus Christ gained through such education and training will in turn equip the recipient of the Scholarship for effective Christian service in the church or elsewhere.

Larry Baynton (1966-1983)

Larry Baynton

Larry was a youth of First Baptist Church, Lloydminster.  He had a deep and abiding personal faith in Jesus Christ.  He was vitally involved in the Christian Service Brigade program (“CSB”) that was then operated by the Church.  In 1983 he was named Top Achiever of the year and was accepted into the Herald of Christ program.

That same year Larry learned that he had terminal cancer.  When he died seven months later at age 16, he had proven by the manner in which he had so courageously and calmly accepted his illness, medical treatment, and premature death, that God was able to meet all of his needs and was sufficient in sickness and in death.

It was his wish that through his death, other young people would be encouraged to become more keenly involved in church activities such as the CSB program. His life savings were used to establish a trust fund to provide income for an annual Larry Baynton Memorial Scholarship to provide an award to the CSB Top Achiever each year.  With the discontinuance of the CSB program, the scope of the Larry Baynton Memorial Scholarship was broadened to provide an annual award to assist needy and meritorious Christian students to obtain Biblical education and Christian leadership training. The purpose and objectives of the scholarship remain essentially unchanged.

Larry Baynton Memorial Scholarship
This link will open the Larry Baynton Memorial Scholarship application which includes detailed information about eligibility and application requirements. Please direct any question or completed application to the church office.
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