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Due to the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, all of our programs and services are currently suspended. However, we are striving to do our best to serve you through these uncertain times. Every Sunday, we will be providing a digital service experience, which will go live at 9:15 a.m. These can be viewed on our YouTube channel, Facebook page, FBC mobile app, or by clicking here.

Also, even though our programming for FBC KIDS and FBC Youth have come to a halt, we are doing everything we can to provide you with resources that you as a family can utilize at home! Each week, we will be providing age-specific resources for preschool through high school. These resources can be found through the "more" tab on the FBC mobile app and also through the links below. Both of these will be updated weekly, so make sure you keep checking back!


FBC KIDS resources:

Preschool Experience (Including Wonder Video)
Activity Suggestions 

K-3 Experience (Including Story Video)
Activity Suggestions

Preteen Experience (Including So & So Show Video)
Activity Suggestions


FBC Youth resources:

Middle School:


Big Picture is a five-week series focusing on significant events in the life of Joseph. Like most of us, Joseph’s life was filled with ups and downs, many of which made it difficult for him to see beyond what was happening in the very moment he was in. The inability to see past their current circumstances—to focus on the bigger picture—is definitely something middle schoolers struggle with in this phase. The hope is that, as they see how God was working on the big picture in Joseph’s life, they’ll begin to see that He is doing the same in their own.

Video Links:

High School:


As teens navigate high school, there may be times when they find themselves in situations where they feel stuck or optionless. That’s why in this series we’re talking about the life of Joseph and learning about how God is always with us, even when it may not seem like there is a way through. What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do is a five-week series in which they’ll learn about how God will never leave us, and He is always working all things together for our good.

Video Links:

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