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We want to know what you would be interested in participating in in the 2023-2024 ministry year. Read the descriptions below to find out about each option. There is a button at the bottom of this page that will allow you to let us know which option(s) you would want to take part in. 

Speak (8 sessions)

Jesus claimed to be the way, the truth, and the life, and He claimed that eternal life was only through Him. Are these statements truth or just an illegitimate claim to deity? In our post-truth world, there are few things more important than understanding truth and having the ability to communicate truth with love and humility. But any conversation about truth must also include understanding how to communicate it with gentleness and respect. This 8-session study will examine truth, how we discover it, communicate it, and whether or not it is absolute.

This opportunity will be offered dependent on interest and availability of facilitators.

Christian Sexuality (12 sessions)

Christian Sexuality was created with you in mind. Questions about sex, sexuality, and gender have become the most pressing ethical questions facing the church today, and this generation is especially swimming in the deep end of these topics.

Christian Sexuality is a 12-session comprehensive, relational, narrative-based video curriculum that is for high-school youth on the search to develop a Christ-centered vision for sex, sexuality, and gender. It’s made up of 25 interviews, including stories of those who experience sexual brokenness and sexual flourishing, along with expert commentaries about the Bible, our bodies and brains, and culture.

This opportunity will be offered dependent on interest and availability of facilitators.

Sanctuary Youth (8 Sessions)

Sanctuary Youth explores these questions: What’s good about mental health?, What does the Bible say about mental health? Why do I feel this way? What happens when we talk about mental health challenges? If you have a mental health challenge, can you get better? How can I help my friend? What can I do to take care of my mental health?

This educational and interactive 8-session video series features the voices of mental health professionals, theologians, youth pastors, and young Christians with lived experiences of mental health challenges. Listening to their stories will not only reduce stigma and increase awareness within faith communities, but will also give young people a greater understanding of what it looks like to follow God during every season – including seasons of languishing.

This opportunity will be offered dependent on interest and availability of facilitators.

Servant Leadership

Do you have a heart to serve God and serve others? Then this group is for you! Servant Leadership is made up of:

  1. Weekly training on servant leadership.
  2. Monthly opportunities to practice servant leadership through service projects.
  3. A one week long local missions' trip during Easter break.

Servant Leadership will run from September to April.

Alpha Youth (9 sessions)

Alpha Youth creates a space for young people to hold meaningful conversations about life, faith and purpose. This 9-week series will start on September 17 at 12:15 p.m. at FBC.

Study the Bible (30 sessions)

This weekly class will equip teens with the skills they need to soundly read, interpret, and apply scripture on their own.

This is a 30 lesson class broken up into 3 units. Each lesson takes approximately 45-60 minutes.

Unit 1 - The Whole Story
Unit 2 - Develop Basic Skills
Unit 3 - Correctly Read Each Genre

Study the Bible will run from September to June.

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