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Socially Distanced Devotions - Episode 17

This is it. This is my final blog post at FBC. What do I say in the next 500 words (minus the 21 I’ve already used up) to conclude my time here? That’s an impossible question to answer. But as I think about my time at FBC, I’ve been reflecting on one of my absolute favorite things I’ve gotten to be a part of.

Creating and directing the Leader in Training (LIT) program with my incredible, inspiring, talented wife Talasi. Honestly, I don’t know if anything I’ve been a part of has mattered as much as this.

Every year at LIT, everyone in the group memorizes Romans 12. This gets really easy when it’s your 10th summer doing it!

And over the last few days, I’ve been meditating on verses 3-8 in particular. In this passage, Paul describes the church as a brilliantly created group of humans who have exquisite gifts that have been given to them by God. And in these giftings, they have come together to form one body, a global enterprise that is meant to be steeped in the gospel and act as a shining light to the world. What an amazing picture!

During my time at FBC, I’ve learned a lot about my giftings and abilities, and I’ve also learned so much about my ungiftings (just go with it) and shortcomings. I’ve excelled in some ways, and failed in others. And all of it has given me space to be a part of a community of people moved by goodness of the God that we follow.

And it’s been amazing. I truly wouldn’t be the same person without these experiences. From the first youth retreat Darren took me on in October 2009 until my upcoming final date of employment, I’ve been formed by this journey we’ve shared together.

Saying goodbye is painful and challenging.

But a new chapter has potential to bring some amazing new opportunities. And this chapter certainly would not be the same without the time I’ve shared with all of you.

In the sorrow of saying goodbye, I’m so encouraged by this spiritual body that we are all a part of. Although we’re moving a province away (or 2 if you live on the SK side), we’re no less a part of you as when we were here. Our adventure together will continue. It will just be distant (super fitting for 2020).

In verse 5, Paul writes that each member/part of the body (dibs being the bicep!) belongs to all the others. We will always belong to you, and you to us as we work together to walk in the way of Jesus and invade our world with the gospel.

So to you, our family, it has been an honor to serve alongside you, and it will continue to be as we do so from a distant land.

Never take your eyes off of Jesus.

We love you and always will!

(I said 500 words, so these are just to fulfill that promise)

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