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Pamela Walford

Pamela first went to the mission field at the age of 49 in Winnipeg’s North End where she did street ministry among the First Nations people.

In 2016, the Lord called her to World Team in Suriname, a country she’d never heard of, to work among the Hindustani, a people group she knew nothing about. However, the Lord blessed her with a number house groups where she taught the Discovery Bible Study method to several Hindu women.

When COVID-19 lockdowns began in March 2020, Pamela and a young Surinamese couple started a Food Bank. Together, they began making food hampers for the DBS families and also began cooking hot meals for the homeless. What started as 25 meals/month soon became 80+ meals/week and is still growing. The Food Bank team realized they needed a longer term approach and hope to move into a more suitable facility within a few months’ time where they can provide showers and a change of clothes as well as a meal while presenting the Gospel and offering counselling and Bible studies.

Pamela also assists World Team Suriname in equipping/bringing a team of Wayana First Nation Christians from the jungles of Suriname to minister on the streets of Winnipeg to help bring the Gospel to Canada’s First Nations people.