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Hands at Work in Africa is a group of Christians who help the local church in Africa to effectively care for the orphaned and vulnerable. They do this by supporting local Christian leaders, increasing  the community's capacity to provide care in an effective and holistic manner out of various Care Points in several countries in Africa. 

FBC has partnered with a group of Hands at Work supporters in Lloydminster to commit to providing support for the Care Point in Kitabataba, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Kitabataba is located in the southern part of DRC. It is one of the region's poorest communities. Along with many orphaned children, there are many vulnerable families living in this crowded slum who have fled the conflict in the eastern part of DRC. There is a lack of clinics, hospitals, and schools causing children to become even more vulnerable.

The Kitabataba Care Point was started in 2012. In 2018 a plot of land was bought for the Care Point. In 2020 a new kitchen, shelter, storage rooms, and toilets were built. Now 175 children have a safe place to receive their daily meal and to play. The Kitabataba Care Point offers 3 essential services. In addition to food, they provide health care and education. 

The children are served by 15 Care Workers from local churches who volunteer their time. These care workers know that providing the 3 essential services on their own is not enough to help the children grow into healthy and whole adults. They are committed to know each child by name and visit them in their homes to gain a better understanding of their challenges. These visits are called Holy Home Visits.

To find out more about what volunteers in Lloydminster are doing to support the Kitabataba Care Point: check out the current initiative below, join the Lloydminster Facebook group, come to the monthly prayer times at FBC, or contact Lyn Namur (306-307-5911). 

2023 Home Hardware Live Plant Gift Certificates

Spring will be here soon and the greenhouses will be full of beautiful flowers and vegetables.
We are selling Home Hardware live plant gift certificates as a fundraiser for the Kitabataba Care Point. Gift certificates are $30 each and can be used to purchase any live plants in the Home Hardware Garden Center. To purchase gift certificates:

  1. Text Lyn Namur the number of gift certificates you would like to purchase (306-307-5911)
  2. Make your payment by e-transfer (, cash, or cheque to Lyn Namur
  3. Pick up your gift certificates from Lyn Namur the first week of May
  4. Go shopping! (certificates are redeemable until July, 2023)


The Lloydminster Hands at Work group has initiated a sponsorship program and is asking you to consider making a commitment to sponsor a child accessing services at the Kitabataba Care Point.

Sponsorship has two important elements. Firstly, sponsorship is a commitment to pray for a child, their family, and the Kitabataba Care Point that provides care to this child. Secondly, sponsorship is a commitment to donate $25/month to Hands at Work in Kitabataba. This money will provide a child with nutritious food, health care, and education in addition to spiritual teaching and loving care from a volunteer.

If you would like to make the commitment to sponsor a child, you can do so on the Hands at Work website. Select a $25 donation on a monthly frequency and enter 3ES-19-167 in the optional designation box to ensure your donation gets to the Kitabataba carepoint. You can also contact Lyn Namur (306-307-5911) to get set up to sponsor a child.