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Jeff & Lyndsey Giesbrecht

Hello Church Family,

We are hoping you’ve been enjoying a beautiful summer and we are looking forward to joining you this fall! We will be bouncing around the prairies from Sept. 10 - Nov. 4. We hope to have opportunities to share within the church but also would love to see people one on one and are open to invitations! Please just contact us directly so we can make a plan in our itinerary.

Many things have been happening here in South Africa. Some of our recent highlights are the building of more playgrounds, international team visits, and youth camps being held on the property where we stay. I am in the office part time and with the hospitality team part time right now. I enjoy my work in both teams but you know me… I always prefer to be with the kids and am thankful to have some flexibility so I can still be with them a lot! Jeff has been very busy with the maintenance on the property but also with completing projects on and off the property. He is part of a team that organizes the playground builds, new structures and fences, and right now the new project for where we stay which is a solar plant that will supply us with enough energy to be off the grid. Please pray for Jeff to be able to hand over his ongoing projects well to the team he is leaving behind and to feel at ease to be in Canada for a visit.

The kids have been enjoying winter here and the break from the heat is something I have started looking forward to as well. They are enjoying the winter sports of field hockey and cricket right now and it’s fun to watch them and learn these new sports. The kids all take to this style of schooling differently and each one has their challenges. You can be specifically be praying for us concerning Bow, our 4th born, she is 8 years old. She struggles with anxiety and has had a really difficult time attending school these last two years. We pray that we will gain the wisdom we need to make decisions regarding the further education for all of our kids.

We have had to really start considering the climbing fuel prices here and start evaluating how much our vehicles consumes. We do a lot of driving as there are no reliable bussing systems here for the kids, the problem for us always comes back to how many seats belts we require in a vehicle. There are options here that are more fuel efficient but also would be a considerable investment to purchase, so we are praying about that one!

Thank you for your continued prayers and support, and looking forward to being able to share more with you in person! See you all soon!

Love Lyndsey

Prayer Requests

  • continued prayer for the sale of our house it is now re-listed with ReMax
  • a newer more fuel-efficient vehicle
  • plan for the kids for school for 2023 and beyond
  • Jeff and I to hand over our responsibilities well to the ones who will be taking on our workload and for peace in taking time to come home for a visit
  • safe travels and smooth transitions between airports