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Erin Muyres

In 2022, Erin returned to the Africa Mercy (AFM) in Dakar, Senegal after 4.5 years and started her new role as Medical Capacity Building Projects Director. Throughout the year, her department implemented projects that provide continuing professional development and mentoring to the surgical healthcare workforce in the country where the ship is.

On January 14, Erin will return to the Global Mercy (GLM) to finish preparing for their return to Senegal. In February, they will sail back to Dakar and spend five months providing surgery for patients and training and mentoring for healthcare workers. After Senegal, Erin will go to Sierra Leone with the Global Mercy from mid 2023 through June/July 2024.

Erin is actively planning and preparing for this field service now. She is excited to continue in herrole on the GLM and to continue working towards improving how they deliver their training and education projects in partnership with Senegal and Sierra Leone. And, of course, to see how God will continue to be faithful in another year. Erin is a volunteer and depend on donations to cover the cost of her service with Mercy Ships. If you are able, please consider supporting her financially!

If you would like to support Erin financially, you can do so through the offering or online here.

Keep up to date on Erin’s journey by following along with her blog here.