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YouthQuake & Experience Briercrest


YouthQuake (YQ) is much more than your average youth retreat.  With 1800+ attendees from all over the country, this event explodes with energy. The festivities include: concerts from diverse genres, professional light shows, tons of crazy activities, and most importantly, world-class speaking and teaching.

During the weekend, our youth group will eat together and stay in the same dorms. After each main session we will split off for "Youth Group Time", where our students can talk with their leaders and discuss the main message and what it means for their lives. YQ is the best of both worlds: Looks like a music festival, but feels like a retreat! There is nothing else like it.

YQ is coming up on February 15-17, 2019 and is open to students in grade 10, 11, or 12. 

Experience Briercrest

Coupled with YouthQuake is an additional two and a half day experience where grade 11 and 12 students can join in the daily activities of Briercrest College. From classes to chapel and from the dining hall to the dorm rooms, this event is designed to help young people experience and imagine what life as a student at Briercrest College is like.

Experience Briercrest happens during the week leading up to YQ.